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Friday, December 30, 2022

El Gallo Negro


El Gallo Negro
Acrylic Paint
16x20" Canvas

2022 the Year of Chicanime!!!

 These are art works that I created that are half Anime Half Chicano art. I drew it traditionally. then I transferred it to Photoshop. 

Dodger Girl

Sexy Charrita


Mayan Girl


Orgullo Mexicano


Conchita Rosita

La Chicanita

Chibi Mayan Girl


Conchita de Chocolate

Angela Aguilar 

Angel Negro

Angela Aguilar #2

Art of 2022

Ink and watercolor drawing.

Ink and watercolor drawing
Maria Felix
Acrylic Paint

Katy Jurado
 Acrylic Painting.

Natural High

Natural High
Acrylic Painting
16x20 Canvas